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BNI's Core Values: Part of Corporate Culture

Sep 16

BNI and its part in the Corporate Culture?

BNI is an acronym for Business Networking International. It is a global organization that helps professionals connect with one another to improve their business skills. Membership in BNI can be beneficial to a business because it can help promote networking and collaboration among its members.

Moreover, Business Networking International is a staple in many corporations. Whether it's for business development, job opportunities, or socializing with colleagues, networking can be beneficial. 

For years it has been found to play an important role in the corporate culture of both small and large businesses. BNI members here often have access to resources and knowledge not available to non-members. This allows companies to expand their horizons and grow in ways they otherwise would not be able to.

Additionally, BNI provides members with the opportunity to build relationships that can last long for years since this network is built out of the BNI Core Values. 


What are BNI's Core Values?

The BNI is a global organization with different chapters that espouses seven core values and these are the following:

Giver’s Gain

The Giver's Gain is one of the BNI Core Values that provides a new way of thinking about business networking which is quickly gaining traction in the business community. The Giver's Gain philosophy is based on the belief that when people give of their time and resources, they ultimately benefit both themselves and the organization or group they are helping.


As one of the BNI’s Core Values. The key to The Giver's Gain success is its simple philosophy: give and help. It comes with a theory here that is based on the concept that giving something away can result in a net gain for the giver.


 The theory suggests that when people give, they often receive more than they originally anticipated. This is because giving creates an exchange where someone gives up something valuable in order to receive something else of equal or greater value. 

For instance, the Giver’s Gain as one of BNI’s Core Values has been proven time and time again, and it can be used to make both personal and business transactions more successful.

Building Relationships 

Building relationships is key to success in business. This is especially true in the networking industry, where one's ability to connect with others and build strong relationships is critical to success.


Whether you are looking for new business partners, networking for professional development, or just making friends, building relationships can be a valuable asset. It has been instilled as one of BNI’s Core Values since it can help you expand your connections and business more. 


You’ll also be encouraged and be refined more with the growth of your personal being and business. This second BNI Core Value will really help you a lot. 

Lifelong Learning 

Throughout your lifetime, you'll need to keep learning in order to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it's taking classes to improve your skills, picking up new ideas, or continuing your training even when you’re in a high position in your own company, Lifelong learning is still one of the best BNI Core Values that you can apply daily in order to grow more for the better. 

One needs to combat stagnation and decline in business performance so BNI is here to help you with your lifelong learning as a means of keeping up with the competition. It is one of the BNI Core Values that have the ability to help you stay with the current industry changes.

When one feels that they're constantly learning and growing, they're more likely to be motivated and productive with their business. This is how it is with BNI and BNI Core Values. 


Traditions + Innovation 

It has been said that tradition is the root from which all innovation springs. While it is true that traditions can be a source of inspiration for newcomers, it is also important to remember that traditions must constantly be evolving in order to remain relevant. 


That’s how it is when it comes to BNI Core Values, as a business networking with many chapters throughout the world, we’re actually exposed to a lot of diverse ideas. Hence, Traditions plus Innovation also became one of BNI's Core Values. 


This is not just about within businesses but also with the networking approach of BNI within the corporate world and the community outside it. 


Positive Attitude 

Positive attitude as one of BNI's Core Values is key to effective networking. Whether you're meeting new people for the first time or continuing to build relationships with those you already know, having a positive outlook will help make networking a more pleasant experience. It attracts more people for connections and business deals. 


Accountability is key to a healthy business network. Business networks are groups of people with shared interests, goals, and objectives. These networks can be incredibly beneficial for businesses because they allow businesses to share information, resources, and ideas. However, without accountability, business networks can also become a source of dysfunction and chaos.


To ensure that business networks are productive and accountable, it is important for members to have clear expectations for their participation in the network. Additionally, leaders here like BNI create structures and processes that promote accountability and help members learn from their mistakes.


 Finally, members here are willing to hold one another accountable. By following these tips for years businesses here were able to create powerful networks that support their successes while preventing stagnation and failure.


Without a doubt, Accountability as BNI Core Values has been one of the pillars in building more business network in the long run. 


BNI is the leading global membership organization for business and professional networking. Our mission is to create a more connected world where businesses can innovate, learn and grow. 

In order to achieve this, BNI provides resources and opportunities for its members to network with each other, as well as providing training and education on topics such as business development, marketing, leadership, and more. With over 1 million members in over 160 countries, BNI is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and professionals alike!

Recognition is one of the  BNI Core Values and has been proven effective in the improvement of businesses involved. 

What is the significance of having BNI core values?

The benefits of having a set of core values are well known. They can help to guide decision-making and organizational behavior, increase motivation and productivity and create a strong work culture. But what is the significance of having BNI core values?


BNI has been defined as “the process of developing shared values that will promote effective collaboration among individuals and organizations”. Values are a way to orient ourselves in the world. They provide us with a sense of purpose, place us in relationships with others, give us guidance for living our lives, and motivate us to behave in ways that support the attainment of our goals.


Developing shared values is one important way BNI can help to promote collaboration among individuals and organizations. It is also beneficial for creating a strong work culture.

Hence, BNI Core Values serve as the strength of this business networking organization that is beneficial for everyone who will join. Call us today!

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