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Sceneca Residence property is near natural parks and far from the hustle and hustle of city life

May 5

Sceneca Residence is described as an integrated development that includes residential properties that are situated within Tanah Merah district 16 in Singapore. It is situated at Tanah Merah which is located in Singapore's Kechil neighborhood located in Singapore The development comprises several homes that have various rooms that range between one and four. The development was designed by the famous MCC Land Development pte Ltd The property is among the most luxurious properties in Singapore.

Sceneca Residence condo will be the residential zone that will be an integral component of. Sceneca Square will form the retail portion of the. Each home in Sceneca Residence Singapore is supplied with the finest furniture. The range of furniture in the homes will provide modern and stylish area that is in sync with the contemporary design that is prevalent in this particular region. The luxurious living spaces in these homes are enhanced by lavish kitchens and luxurious spaces that will give your house an amazing look. With a range of options between two and four rooms available to buyers, they'll see the property more appealing than ever before.

Sceneca Residence new launch is full of amenities that allow you to relax and enjoy in peace and quiet. Leisure facilities like shopping centers, as well as sporting facilities and malls are all within the property. They are Bedok Recreation and Recreation Center, East Point Mall Bedok Sports and Recreation Center Bedok Shopping Complex along with East point Mall. Even although the property is situated within the urban area, it's located in a rural area. property is near natural parks, which provide peace and tranquility away from the bustle and noise of urban life.

Choose reputable schools that provide the best quality educational facilities. These schools can to cater to the requirements of your family members. There are many popular and well-respected schools, including Ripples Montessori Academy which is an Anglican Secondary School, as well as Saint. Anthony's Secondary School. Bedok South Secondary School just to mention one.

The various floor plans are available at the development are showcased in a variety houses. The wide range of floor plans is available in sizes that range from two to four bedrooms. They are stunning and have spacious rooms that can meet the various requirements of the potential residents.

The most striking features of the house are striking and modern. Lap pool, with an attractive sun deck that lets the homeowners relax on the sunshine and the water without difficulty. Fitness equipment is available as equipment appropriate for those who stick to strict fitness regimes. Being able to be able to access these facilities near your house is a plus.

A pool for children and a space for children for them to enjoy themselves keeps them entertained and active. If you're in search of a spot to relax in an unwinding space in the reading area and want to relax, this is the perfect location to be. Be wary of cabanas which can be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the tranquil surrounding.

Future residents aren't only the benefiting from this fantastic expansion. Residents and property investors can also earn money through the purchase of the property. Because of the state of the property the property is able to generate a substantial rental income from the. property. What do you expect from your property? Get in touch with us now to inquire about special discounts at the period of.

It is located inside Tenah Merah Kechil, Sceneca Residence is located in the district that is renowned by the name District 16. District 16. It is located in a property can be reached via an array of public transportation options. It is a great method of getting between and within. Within a matter of minutes, property residents can connect to MRTs like the one which originates from Tanah Merah MRT, Bedok South MRT Bedok Reservoir MRT. Utilize the major roads around the property including the East Coast Parkway (ECP) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIEspan ). Pan Island Expressway (PIE ).

Each house has rooms that are utilized to their fullest capacity for study, working in an office, or to house children who are in the process of becoming relatives. Each room is spacious and furnished with the finest furniture. The aim is to bring peace and tranquility for guests coming in the near future.

The style is inspired by tall roofs. The style is complemented by stunning lighting. Along with warm tones, the house is a tranquil and relaxing space. Also, it gives a feeling of calm. Additionally, windows play an important element of the design of the home . They offer stunning views of Tanah Merah. Tanah Merah neighborhood.